• We are by appointment only, in some cases same day openings do happen if someone cancels last minute so calling the shop can be worth it at times. However,emailing is the preferred way for contact.
    The booking wait is mostly 2-3 months wait currently.
    For most would be new clients, an in person consultation is necessary, to work out all details such as sizing, pricing, placements, etc. A deposit is required to set up the tattoo date. If the tattoo takes more then one session- larger work most often is multiple sittings and most sittings are booked at a 2 hour time frame. The hourly rate is $200. per hour and deposits are $100. We accept cash or credit cards for payments.
    Please be sure to bring your photo ID to your appt, so you can fill in the release form for your tattoo.
    We work in a private studio setting and sometimes one guest is fine to bring along but we prefer a one on one setting.
    Wear comfortable clothing that can get ink on and remember to eat food before your appt. This goes a long way!
    Please refer to our aftercare section on this website for further information.
    Thank you!