• Q's & A's

    Q. What do you charge?
    A. We have a shop minimum of $150. We have an hourly rate of $200, however, you may be quoted a set price for some pieces. All appointments require a deposit of $100-500 depending on the size of the project. Your deposit goes towards the tattoo, if a piece requires multiple sessions, the deposit is taken off the cost of your final appointment. Deposits are non-refundable. Since we are a custom shop much of our time is put into artwork so we have to require these prices.

    Q. What forms of payment do you take?
    A. Cash is king, and is always preferred. However, we do accept credit cards. We are moving away from using money transfer apps.

    Q. Can I bring friends or my kids?
    A. Due to COVID-19 safety, we are not allowing anyone but the client in the shop. We are hoping this can change in the not-too-distant future.

    Q. Can I get a tattoo if I am under 18?
    A. No. It is the state law that you must be 18 with proper ID. Be sure to bring it with you so you can fill out our release from.

    Q. Can I be drunk or take medication?
    A. No. If you are visibly impaired we will not tattoo you, and you may lose your deposit. We ask that you not take any medication other than prescribed, and understand that pain is a part of getting tattooed. Aspirin and blood thinners reduce clotting and can push the ink out of your skin, causing undesired results. For this reason we do not recommend getting tattooed if you are currently taking them.

    Q. Do you do piercings or have jewelry?
    A. No, we do not. We have created an art sanctuary for tattoos only, so the pieces we create can be done with our full attention.

    Q. If I bring my own art will you do it?
    A. Yes, in most cases. However, if it is not drawn well to suit a tattoo, we will happily redraw it so it is. Please print out your artwork and bring it with you. Oftentimes people say they have the artwork and it's on their phone. To make it easier and much faster, please be prepared and bring printouts to consultations and appointments.

    AFTERCARE: After getting your tattoo, your artist will give you specific instructions and will walk you through it. However, here is some basic after care information. Please keep in mind every artist is different and each body/skin is different! After removing the bandage, rinse well with water and a little mild soap, like Dr. Bronners. Let air dry. Once dry, apply a little ointment like Aquaphor or the healing balm we carry in our shop. Be sure to rinse it once or twice a day for the first week. Once your tattoo is 4-5 days old or so, we recommend switching to a lotion, like fragrance free Aveeno always! Do not pick at it, expose it to the sun, go swimming or soak in a tub. Also, limiting your exercise may be necessary while it is healing.

    Please care for your tattoo like we do! And always call the shop when in doubt!